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100% Herbal Chicken

Village Herb chicken is a chain of chicken meat franchise store of Chitra Herb Chicken Farm. We take pride in selling you the tastiest and healthiest high quality fresh chicken meat for you and your family.

Chitra Herb Chicken Farm is in meat poultry business for 10 years. Village herb chicken is an innovative product that emerged out of extensive Research and Development for 2 years and an urge to provide healthy chicken meat to the world.

Our chicken meats are rich on protein, tenderness and juiciness because they are fed a herbal mixed diet that contains 28 herbs and 42 Spices and the fed is also free from any kind of Growth promoters, Animal byproducts, Pesticides and Toxic Binders.

Our chicken meat and liver are certified as free from any antibiotics and high on protein. And our chicken feed is certified as 100% vegetarian (no animal by products) and free from Growth promoters, preservatives & Toxic binders.

Why choose our village herb chicken?
Unique Herbal Formula
Our chicken feed contains unique herbal formula with herbs and spices which gives high nutrition & acts as an immunity boost for the chickens.
100% Vegetarian Feed
Our feed is 100% Vegetarian without any preservatives / growth promoters / animal byproducts / unnatural fillers.
ISO Certified Farm
Our farm is certified as ISO 9001:2015 and all our chickens grow in a healthy environment.
Clean outlet
Hygiene and Cleanliness is one of top priorities inside the outlet.
Village Herb Chicken Farm
our farm

Chitra Herb Chicken Farm is widely spread across the Villupuram district. Chitra Herb Chicken Farm has its own farm as well as operates on Farmer Contract Model for its chicken production.

This Farmer Contract Model is a sustainable model which treats farmers as partners. The chicks, feed and the process of raising the chicken are shared with the farmers. Our model allows the farmers to raise chicken and sell back them back to the company at premium price.

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Our Feed mill

Our Chicken feed is 100% vegetarian certified by ISI and also certified as free from any Growth promoters, preservatives & Toxic binders.

Often Animal byproducts are used as cheap source of protein used in chicken feed. Also the chicken feed available in the market contains toxic binders to preserve the feed to survive through its supply chain. Some even have growth promoters added in the feed.

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Village Herb Chicken Feed Mill
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‘No Antibiotics’ – Village Herb Chicken is certified as ‘Antibiotics not detected’ in both chicken meat and liver byFSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) recognized lab.

ISO 9001:2015 – Chitra Herb Chicken Farm as well as Village Herb Chicken is certified under ISO 9001:2015 for quality management system.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate